Your Very Own Song?

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Those who wish to sing always find a song. Proverb

This past week my friend Macy, who listened to me audition oh-so-poorly, as recounted in Finding Your Very Own Voice, told me about an article she had read in Real Simple titled Find your song (and sing it) by Gail Blanke.

In this article, Ms. Blanke writes about a time when she was on her way (walking) to pitch a publisher. She was confident, but her energy was low. So she started singing, I’m the greatest star from Funny Girl. At first she sang under her breath, but within minutes she was singing loudly, energetically, and strutting down one of the crowded streets of New York. Well, the publisher loved her energy and chose to publish the book, but more importantly, this song became her anthem, the song that she turns to get her game on.

As we noodle on the idea of telling our stories – and in particular as we decide what medium we will use to record our story, whether via essay, children’s story, novel, photographs, quilts, scrapbooking, redesigning a room – why not take an intermediate step, and choose a theme song. A song that helps you be your best self – your very own song.

What is my song you ask?

Let me start by saying I have a few favorites that I have not yet heard. Because these songs have not yet been written or performed or recorded. For example, I am eager for the day when Vanessa sings and records her story, when Sheryl and her daughters Raylene, Renee and Natalie (maybe this summer?) compose, sing and record their story, and when Macy presents her story via a cabaret. Is there a cabaret act in the offing for Dana as well?

If I didn't mention you because I don't know you, or because I don't know you want to tell your story via music, you know WHO you are. And I can't wait to know you and hear you!

Until then, I don't have just one song that helps me be my best self.

I have many, and they change.

Here are a few of my absolute favorites right now:

Good ‘ol days – Tamyra Gray
Let’s Get Loud – Jennifer Lopez
Miss Q’in – Zap Mama
Virtual Insanity – Jamiroquai

What are yours?

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